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The Wide-Ranging Uses of OSINT in Military Intelligence

As its name suggests, open-source intelligence has its roots in interstate reconnaissance. Emerging during WWII, OSINT techniques were initially adopted for military intelligence by the US Office of Strategic Services (OSS) – now the CIA – in an attempt to discern enemy strategies and objectives through the detailed study of newspapers, magazines,...

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Enhancing Cryptocurrency Investigations with OSINT

Cybercriminals are having a field day with online bitcoin scams. And when every Tom, Dick, and Harry can be easily tempted by the easy money bitcoin promises, the situation seems unlikely to improve anytime soon. It’s easy to be wise in hindsight, and whenever a bitcoin scam goes up...

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OSINT: A New Force in Cyber Security

There was once a time when cyber security felt like an exclusive issue – something that needed to be taken seriously by banks, governmental bodies, or companies handling sensitive data, but not a major concern for the average enterprise. However, with IBM listing cyber security failure as one of most formidable...

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