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Introducing SL Crimewall: A Revolutionary Full-Cycle OSINT Investigation Platform

The moment has arrived. 

Meet SL Crimewall—a full-cycle OSINT investigation platform that simplifies the entire intelligence cycle, from data extraction across 500+ data sources, through visualization and processing, to the final report. This is Social Links’ first standalone OSINT solution.

With a user-friendly interface developed from the ground up, our all-new OSINT platform is accessible to users of all levels, from newbies to experts. SL Crimewall delivers an incredibly smooth investigation experience while offering powerful tools for every stage of the cycle.

Let's have a tour of its product’s features.

Data Extraction and Analysis

Of course, SL Crimewall comes fully loaded with our signature extraction methods, plus a whole range of ways to analyze the data.

  • Data Sources. SL Crimewall offers advanced access to 500+ open sources across social media, messengers, the Dark Web, blockchains, and more—all within a single workstation.
  • Link Analysis. This crucial technique has never been easier. In just a few clicks, users can build a full-scale digital footprint covering all aspects of the subject’s online activity, from bio details and geolocations to social ties and platform comments.


We understand that quality data analysis can often depend on how the information is displayed. So, we’ve given users different visualization options so data can be arranged in the way that’s best suited for making progress with a given case.

  • Graph View. This is the classic view common to most data visualization tools, where data points are connected by vertices and can be viewed as a web of interconnections.
  • Map View. The geographical location of data points is often a crucial factor for establishing potential links and following leads. This view plots all relevant information on a map, allowing geographical patterns to be seen. 
  • Table View. When a given case contains multiple data formats spanning text, audio, and video, a graph is often not the best way to review this information. Table view allows users to organize the case content in a logical and accessible way.   


SL Crimewall uses the very latest in analytics technology to speed through routine work, free up headspace for decision-making, and make life easier for all user levels.

  • ML-Driven Models. Experience the power of generative AI and NLP models, allowing users to process huge quantities of data in highly controlled ways quickly. This massively reduces workloads and moves cases forward much faster.
  • Script Builder. This internal tool allows experienced users to construct custom scripts for processing and analyzing data. In turn, less experienced colleagues can use these scripts as presets, allowing them to work with data much more efficiently.

Monitoring and Reports

On top of all of this, there’s a lot more packed into SL Crimewall’s user-friendly functionality. 

  • Monitoring. If you want to keep an eye on a particular subject, you don’t need to manually check up on them—just turn SL Crimewall’s monitoring feature on and get notifications about the ongoing activities of the company or individual.
  • Exporting Reports. Summarizing the findings of a case is a vital stage of the intelligence cycle, and it’s best done with clarity. So, we offer various options, from quick exports with a couple of clicks to custom-made layouts.

[Coming Soon] Collaboration

We know that sharing ideas and data can often be crucial to the success of a case, so we’ve given SL Crimewall a range of options for supporting team projects.

  • Collaborative Mode. SL Crimewall’s versatile interface allows analysts to work together on cases and combine their knowledge and skills. Each team member can instantly share, analyze, and discuss hypotheses and evidence as the case progresses.
  • Case Management. Each case can be structured with neatly organized, dedicated folders. Hence, all the materials and data relating to the investigation can be readily found and accessed.  

We’ve worked hard to give users the flexibility they need to run investigations in the way that suits them best. So, we believe this release is a momentous occasion—not just for us but for the whole OSINT sphere. And we can’t wait to hear what you think of it! 

If you’d like to see SL Crimewall in action, we’d be happy to give you a free, personalized demonstration. Just follow the link below, and we'll schedule a call at a convenient time.
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