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OSINT and Social Media Investigations: The Perfect Combination

A photo shared when out with friends can easily reach thousands—if not millions—of people online. With our world becoming increasingly interconnected, the content we publish gives a vivid portrayal of our lives. This has changed how society fundamentally functions—some might argue for the worse, but that would...

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Using the Power of ChatGPT for OSINT

If you've been on Twitter or newsfeeds lately, you've probably heard of ChatGPT. This talkative chatbot created by OpenAI has taken the internet by storm and sparked countless debates about the future of various professions. While some believe that AI is a sign of impending job losses in creative fields,...

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AI and OSINT: New Breakthroughs Meet Next Gen Solutions

Whether it’s virtual assistants, personalized shopping, chatbots, content recommendations, or any number of other preemptive operations, you can scarcely use your smartphone without invoking some kind of AI algorithm. While the omnipresence of machine learning is a testament to its power and utility, the term has not been without...

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[Webinar] Leveraging OSINT to Fight Financial Crime

Digital money carries great user convenience, but for financial institutions presents a perpetual security issue. With bank details being sold in huge quantities on the Dark Web and innumerable social engineering scams doing the rounds, protecting banks and consumers against fraud is a serious challenge. At the same time, cryptocurrencies...

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Social Links Event Dates, 2023

Every year, Social Links takes part in various conferences, exhibitions, and educational programs, at different locations all around the globe. We’re happy to count ourselves among the global OSINT and cybersecurity communities, which are continually evolving in an open and engaging atmosphere. These events are important to us as...

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OSINT Trends for 2023 and Beyond

💡Want to download OSINT trends for 2023 in high resolution? Enjoy the graphic version of our trends list, with concise descriptions of each and a layout that’s super easy on the eye. To get your very own PDF copy, simply fill out our short contact form and we’ll...

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