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Center of Excellence Column: OSINT Investigations on Gaming Platforms

This week in the Social Links Center of Excellence Column, we’re looking at video game platforms as a great source to enrich OSINT investigations. Given that gaming has exploded in popularity, and with digital distributions becoming the norm (modern computers don’t even have CD drives anymore), platforms like...

OSINT in Corporate Security: From the Digital to the Physical

When talking about corporate security, many might think only about the digital infrastructure of companies. However, this component—cybersecurity—is only one side of the coin. Beyond online threats, organizations must deal with substantial dangers in the real world. When the potential risks combine with a constantly shifting business environment,...

[Free Webinar] Uncovering Financial Crime with OSINT

In an era of digital finance streams and cryptocurrencies, it can be hard to check the financial transparency of a company or individual. With business dealings putting vast sums of money and corporate reputations on the line, OSINT is becoming a go-to resource for due diligence teams who need to...

How to Recognize AI-Generated Pictures, Videos, and Audio

We actively work with experts in various fields to add value to our articles. This time, the Social Links Center of Excellence team has invited a co-author with vast cybersecurity knowledge to collaborate on an article, CyberDetective. For anyone unfamiliar, CyberDetective has been actively working to spread OSINT know-how and...


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