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The Top 10 OSINT Tools, Products and Solutions for 2022

When OSINT began life in the 1940s, the ‘open data’ under scrutiny was limited to media such as newspapers and radio broadcasts. But in the advent of the internet – and social media in particular – the sheer variety and volume of information pouring into the public domain has been staggering. Yet,...

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Jobs in OSINT: View the Latest Opportunities

The open-source intelligence industry is booming, and with that comes a load of great employment opportunities for folks of different specialisms and all levels of experience. Noticing that there was a real need for a platform to connect people and potential jobs, we decided to create one ourselves. We have...

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The Wide-Ranging Uses of OSINT in Military Intelligence

As its name suggests, open-source intelligence has its roots in interstate reconnaissance. Emerging during WWII, OSINT techniques were initially adopted for military intelligence by the US Office of Strategic Services (OSS) – now the CIA – in an attempt to discern enemy strategies and objectives through the detailed study of newspapers, magazines,...

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Social Links at ISS World 2022 in Prague

It’s time for the next European ISS World event and we’re delighted to announce our participation in this year’s conference to be held between 14-16 June at the Clarion Congress Hotel, Prague. About ISS World EuropeThis superb event is the world’s largest intelligence conference, bringing together...

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