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Social Links at ISS World Europe: DNA Profiling and OSINT

Social Links are to take part in the largest annual cybersecurity conference and demonstrate their entire product line, as well as deliver an innovative presentation from the OSINT frontier.

As we are busy preparing for our participation in the next ISS World Europe conference, to be held in Prague on December 7-9, we wanted to give an understanding of what the conference is, why we are participating, and what the nature of our participation will be.

About ISS World

ISS World Europe is the world’s largest annual cybersecurity conference, bringing together professionals in law enforcement, government intelligence, and homeland security from around the globe. Many attendees are analysts who use digital surveillance, real-time video analytics, and cyber threat detection products to investigate criminal activities conducted over the internet, the Dark Web, social media, and telecommunications networks.

This is clearly a field where Social Links products are of real relevance, and the upcoming Prague event will not be the first ISS event we have participated in. Earlier this year, we took part in the ISS World Dubai event, where we shared our methodological and technological expertise, as well as presenting the Social Links product line.

Our mission and contribution

The ISS conference is a remarkable event for cybersecurity professionals to directly communicate to the users and clients of their technologies, and we would like to take the opportunity to share our expertise and solutions to keep users aware of the wide possibilities that OSINT tools have to offer in the area of criminal investigation and homeland security.

Our involvement in the official Prague event program will be threefold:

  • On December 7 at 5:00 pm, we will deliver Secret products: A closed demonstration on Social Links’ new Monitoring functionality and SL BOX. (Held at the Pivovar Conference Room)
  • On December 9 at 09:15 am, we will give an innovative presentation: Welcome to the era of DNA analysis in OSINT: How to save 40 years and conduct an investigation in a few days. (Held at track #3 in the Clarion Congress Hotel)
  • On December 9 at 2:00 pm, we will be presenting the entire Social Links product line and holding a masterclass on how to get the most out of our OSINT tools. (Held at the Pivovar Conference Room)

For our main presentation this time round, we wanted to discuss forward-thinking ideas that are at the forefront of investigation techniques, and how OSINT tools can enhance the processes involved.

When fingerprinting gained momentum as a new method for identifying suspects, things that simply could not be proved before, suddenly became a possibility, changing the whole landscape of criminal investigation.

Thanks to technological advances, we are now seeing a new revolution in the field: DNA profiling. With the ability to provide an array of information on the individual such as genealogy, physical features, and ethnic origin, a small sample of genetic information can be the key to unlocking the most complex cases.

It’s time for the latest OSINT technologies to push the new revolution in criminal investigation forward even more.

Come and visit us!

We will be occupying an exhibition space throughout the whole duration of the event and would be delighted to see you at any time. Whether you would like a first-hand product demonstration or simply want to find out more about the company or the OSINT world in general, drop by and meet the team: you can find us at Tabletop #23 in the Clarion Congress Hotel.

If you are interested in arranging a business meeting with us during the conference, please fill out our contact form.

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