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Center of Excellence Column: SL Professional Transforms to Crack Cases

In our first 2024 Center of Excellence Column, we're sharing some powerful SL Professional transforms that can boost and enrich any investigation as well as deepen research. To help you have everything in front of you, we have also crafted a handy memo you can upload on your computer.

So, let’s check it out!

SL Professional Transforms Memo

From social media to Internet-wide research, these SL Professional transforms can help resolve tough cases

SL Professional Transform Descriptions

Image Detection

  • [Image] Car Detector. Analyzes a large amount of image data to identify cars, along with license plates and location information.
  • [Image] Gun Detector. It uses ML-driven analysis to recognize weapons in the input image.

Telegram (Only Available for Governmental Use)

  • [Telegram Pack T2] Get Ex-Admins. Returns a list of ex-admins for a Telegram group.
  • [Telegram Pack T2] Get Ex-Members. Provides a list of ex-members of a Telegram group.
  • [Telegram Pack T2] Get Ex-Owners. Returns a list of a Telegram group’s ex-owners.


[ChatGPT] Get Summary. Uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT to analyze and summarize texts in various languages.


  • [WhoisXML] Whois History. It goes through the WHOIS records (a web protocol with public domain information) of a website and returns the historical registration details.

SL Professional Functions

  • [Extract] Entities. Converts the outputs of a node to inputs for further research. 


  • [Google] Get Reviews. Returns the Google ID of a person who left a review for a service.

Social Media

  • Get Connections (Search Relations). Returns the network of a person with a closed profile.
  • [Steam] Get Mutual Friends. It takes two profiles as input and provides all the friends in common between the two profiles.
  • [TikTok] Search by Face and Alias. Scans various social media platforms to return an exact match of the person’s face and alias.
  • [LinkedIn] Search Profiles. Returns the employees of a company or people working in a specific position at a given location.
  • [Twitter] Search Posts by Geo. Scans social media location tags to return all the posts from the given coordinates.
  • [LinkedIn] Search by Face and Name. It uses ML-driven facial recognition technology to get a face and name match.
  • [Twitter] Search Posts (Advanced Twitter Search).  First, the transform conducts a topic and sentiment analysis of a post. After that, it extracts the author behind the topic or sentiment expressed in the tweet.

SL Professional Scripts

  • “[Email Address] Enrich” Machine. Using an email address as input provides potential leads by returning publicly available registration information for a given address.
  • “[Phone Number] Enrich” Machine. Provides publicly available registration information for a given phone number.

SL Identity Search Engine

  • [SL ISE] Search. Matches information fragments based on people’s digital footprints.

Named Entity Recognition (NER)

  • [Extract] Entities from Fields. Uses natural language processing (NLP) to identify preset categories of objects in a body of text.

Want to learn more about SL Professional transforms and see them in action? Schedule a free personalized demo with our OSINT experts. Pick a convenient slot and prepare all the questions we can help you with.
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