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OSINT in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Investigations: Unmasking Financial Shadows

When the main characters in "Breaking Bad" made millions by selling banned substances, they couldn’t spend a penny without attracting unwanted attention. What was the solution to this problem? A money laundering scheme, of course. Ironically, this imaginary situation is not so different from real life. Modern criminals constantly...

Top 10 OSINT Tools, Products, Solutions, and Software for 2023

In many ways, the first half of 2023 was dominated by hopes and fears revolving around artificial intelligence. Experts were giving their opinions on how the future might look. However, looking at the present, reports show that cyberattacks have increased by 7% when compared to last year. With organizations facing...

Preventing Data Breaches with OSINT Tools

Data breaches are becoming commonplace in today's digitalized world. In such a climate, the question is not if violations will happen but rather when. As businesses store our personal information more, their security flaws start impacting outside the corporate world. With the increasing number of system vulnerabilities, malicious actors are...

OSINT in Due Diligence: Minimizing Risk Through Open Data

The corporate world is fast-moving and high-risk, where getting a clear picture of things can make the difference between success and failure. When even a tiny oversight can unravel multi-billion dollar deals, having the correct information and knowing who you are dealing with is crucial. That is where due diligence...

5 OSINT Reads to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Spring is now in full swing, and the open-source intelligence sphere is showing just as much momentum. At this optimistic time, we wanted to share some exciting developments in the field, so we’ve brought together five of our favorite OSINT articles from the past quarter. Whether you're just looking...

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