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OSINT Tips: 5 Ways to Deanonymize Users on Telegram

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and many digital platforms, efficient investigative methods have become more crucial than ever. Within this dynamic landscape, Telegram emerges as a vital source of information due to its status as a privacy-focused messaging app with strong encryption. The platform attracts a diverse...

A Real OSINT Case: Uncovering a Hacker Group

OSINT investigations are like intricate puzzles that require meticulous research, often leading to a maze of different paths. While discussing the theory is helpful, the real treasure lies in experiencing an actual investigation unfold. That's why, at Social Links, we create case studies. These help experts learn from real situations...

OSINT Tips: Investigating Closed Profiles

Social media investigations involve checking many accounts to extract valuable evidence. Unsurprisingly, not every profile is accessible due to privacy reasons. As OSINT deals with publicly accessible data, many would assume that the inquiry stops there. However, everything visible on a closed account is still in the domain of open...

Top OSINT Films and Series: Part 2

Remember our recent selection of OSINT films (in case you missed it, here it is)? Now it's time for the second part, where we’ll focus on fiction. Given that entertainment media continues to provide value for professionals working in the sphere, narrative developments can inspire viewers to think outside...

Top Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) Tools in 2023

Social media is an essential aspect of modern life for people and businesses alike. So it's no surprise that these platforms are crucial in criminal investigations due to the wealth of public data they offer. However, manually doing all the necessary research is a complex and time-consuming strategy. Luckily, social...

Top OSINT Films and Series: Part 1

Learning about OSINT and best practices isn’t only about reading and searching. Movies and series can also be great learning tools. Of course, that’s when many realize that “OSINT” doesn’t return many titles on IMDb (we checked). So the real question becomes how to find things to...

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