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Dip Into the Social Links OSINT Glossary

When learning a new technical discipline, a major hurdle often lies in the terminology. Even if the underlying concepts aren’t that difficult to understand, the way they’re expressed can get in the way of comprehension. And OSINT, alas, does have its technical side, which can put off non-technical people who have a pressing need to master the techniques.

Well, we hope to remedy this situation with our all-new Social Links OSINT Glossary. This is a brand new section of our website dedicated to explaining the OSINT lexicon. Organized in an alphabetical, easy-reference format, each entry in the glossary is crafted from scratch in our customary reader-friendly style, with examples that illustrate the definitions.

So we invite you to dive in and start expanding your OSINT vocabulary! You can find that term you feel you’ve never quite got, or just browse through the whole glossary at your leisure. From black hats to blockchains, honeypots to dorking, cybersquatting to pig butchering, there’s plenty to pick up and keep you entertained.

More to come…

Bear in mind that this glossary is a work-in-progress, which we continually add to when new terms appear in our materials, webinars, and so on, which we really think people need to know about. And if you can’t find the term you’re looking for, you can let us know, and we’ll update the glossary for you. Just contact us at

At Social Links, we’ve always been dedicated to helping people of all backgrounds and skill levels learn OSINT. If you have any questions about what we do and would like to see our products in action, follow the link below and arrange a chat with one of our specialists.
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