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How to Identify Whether Your Data Was Leaked

With headlines appearing every week about costly corporate data breaches and compromised national security, cyberattacks have become a huge problem that simply can’t be ignored. According to IBM, the number of data breaches over the last 5 years has doubled.

Furthermore, the average time it takes to identify and mitigate a data breach is a year. One. Year. Of course, during this period the data becomes completely public and distributed throughout all Dark Web resources.

At this juncture, the question organizations should be asking themselves is not IF a data leak is going to happen, but WHEN.

Learn how to combat this problem by coming to our free Webinar: How to Identify Whether Your Was Leaked with SL PRO for Maltego. The event will be held on March 30, 2022, 3 pm UTC.

The topics under discussion will be:

  • Key patterns and reasons for data leakage;
  • The impact of breaches on businesses and national security;
  • Frameworks that will minimize the impact of any cyber incident related to data breaches.

Nowadays, it’s essentially impossible to totally avoid data breaches. They will happen eventually, regardless of what cybersecurity measures have been taken. It is, however, possible to detect and mitigate the data leak before it spirals into a multi-million dollar corporate problem, or a critical lapse in national security.

Want to know how? Register for the webinar!

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