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OSINT Holiday Reads, Q4 Update

As we’re closing the calendar year, we took this opportunity to compile our top OSINT articles with handy tips to share some insights and inspiration during the holidays. 

So, let’s unwrap your gift and see what’s inside: we have an open-source intelligence landscape for 2023 and beyond, real-world techniques for recognizing AI-generated media, and methods to strengthen corporate security. Besides there is also a case study dedicated to public safety and our whitepaper on national security, where we teamed with Frost & Sullivan.

Let’s dive in!

OSINT Landscape 2023 by Social Links

Get a bird’s eye view of the OSINT sphere

The open-source intelligence sphere is growing incredibly fast, with new developments and solutions emerging almost daily. While this industry expansion is a positive trend (the OSINT market is projected to grow by 25% annually over the next ten years), keeping up with these changes can be daunting.

Good news: we’ve created a handy one-pager that brings together information on over 200 (!) OSINT solutions and splits them into 17 distinct categories. Covering everything from blockchain analysis to messenger intelligence, you can easily access detailed information about each software by simply tapping it.

OSINT in Sexual Abuse Investigations: From Data to Justice

Using data to bring malicious actors to justice

Many people have the false assumption they act completely anonymously online. This perceived sense of security results in them unleashing their worst urges on innocent victims. Sadly, quite often, those impulses involve some sexual abuse. With a staggering 81% of women in the US experiencing online harassment, it’s crucial to take steps in the right direction to prevent further harm.

In this article, we address the challenging but equally important topic of online sexual abuse. We break down the various forms of online misconduct and provide a practical case study to show how OSINT experts can investigate such cases.

Social Links and Frost & Sullivan Whitepaper: How OSINT Solutions Add Robust Intelligence to National Security

Let the data be your guide

When it comes to the investigative side of national security, OSINT acts like a glue that positively boosts many things across the board. Because of this, it’s essential to consider the entire picture as one decision can trickle down to affect the whole.

In our latest whitepaper, we collaborated with the world-renowned consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan to focus on the role of the OSINT market and its value for LEA and government sectors. Besides, we detail the primary challenges in security investigations and suggest ways to overcome them”.

How to Recognize AI-Generated Pictures, Videos, and Audio

See what’s beneath the surface

AI-generated imagery has exploded so that experts estimate that generative artificial intelligence will become a $1.3T market in the upcoming decade. Moreover, the Internet is going wild every day about the capabilities of the latest AI framework. In a sea of fakes that can potentially destabilize the world with misinformation and intellectual property theft, how can anyone tell what’s real anymore?

In this article, the Social Links Center of Excellence teams up with CyberDetective to shed light on how to identify AI-generated media. We explore the capabilities and limitations of artificial intelligence models and provide practical tips and tools that allow experts to distinguish fact from fiction.

OSINT in Corporate Security: From the Digital to the Physical

Safeguarding the corporate sector with open data

Running a company is hard work. There’s so much to account for, and security is an increasingly critical component in today’s day and age. However, when it comes to safeguarding corporations, the general assumption is cybersecurity. But there’s so much more to it than the digital realm. With insider threats becoming a bigger issue (studies show that 75% of threats come from former employees), it’s critical to consider every possible scenario.

In this article, we’re examining various aspects of securing a company. From employees' physical safety to protecting financial wrongdoing, our experts share insights on the dangers and how open-source intelligence can provide a way forward.

OSINT Case Study: Ensuring Safety at a Public Event

Crossing every “t” and dotting every “i”

International events are an excellent opportunity for countries to showcase their culture, history, talents, and more. While these are crucial elements of a nation’s PR, things are never easy. Sadly, with mass attention, potential dangers also start appearing. So, governments and organizing bodies need to ensure the event is safe.

In our case study, we focus on safety at public international events. We demonstrate the value that OSINT brings to the table and how it can effectively monitor and identify malicious actors who might want to spoil the event. 

Our articles aim to provide an easy-to-understand but valuable look at everything new and vital in the OSINT sphere. If you want to learn more about real-world techniques to boost investigations and save time spent on research, contact us through the button below. We’ll schedule a one-to-one session at your convenience and answer OSINT-related questions.

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