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Social Links and Frost & Sullivan Whitepaper: How OSINT Solutions Add Robust Intelligence to National Security

Created in association with Frost & Sullivan, the world-renowned business consultancy firm, this Social Links whitepaper details the crucial role of OSINT in national intelligence. The study covers the current OSINT market and its indispensable value for law enforcement and government sectors, data analysts' challenges, and the solutions Social Links offers national security units.

About Frost & Sullivan

With 60 years of experience and 45 offices around the globe, Frost & Sullivan has developed a remarkable ecosystem encompassing coaching, community, and content. Through their profound understanding of how chains work globally, the firm represents the height of expertise in identifying growth opportunities across many sectors.

Inside the Whitepaper

Our collaborative study has four main sections. The first part covers some of the inherent difficulties involved in data enrichment for security investigations. Part two provides a working definition of the OSINT market and discusses the essential role it plays in a range of modern investigative work.

Part three takes a look at the qualities that make up an effective OSINT solution in terms of both data extraction and analysis. And finally, we go into the specific features that Social Links’ most advanced tools have to offer as we continue our mission to deliver a gold standard for the industry.

Interested? The whitepaper is totally free and available through our website now. Just follow the link below!

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