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Social Links Infographics: An OSINT Guide to Background Checks

To the uninitiated, background checks may appear to be straightforward things. But the truth is they come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from the basic checks employers might run off from a CV to profoundly enhanced checks reaching into the recesses of the Dark Web for more serious matters. And open-source intelligence plays a huge role across the board.

In our latest OSINT infographic, we’ve condensed this topic into a one-page, easy-reference guide. We give use cases, sources, search methods, and a step-by-step procedure for each type of check. All the information is accessible at a glance, so you’ll always know where to begin and go with a check, regardless of its complexity!

What’s Inside

  • Standard Background Checks. Basic checks for employee screening and company assessments regarding business history and compliance records.
  • Enhanced Background Checks. Wider-reaching checks for due diligence, KYC processes, and employee screening for sensitive roles.
  • Deep Background Checks. In-depth checks for criminal investigations, security consulting, and intelligence operations.
  • Continuous Subject Monitoring. Round-the-clock subject checks for situational awareness, employee monitoring, and personal threat exposure assessment.
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