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Center of Excellence Column: OSINT Intelligence Cycles

This week in the Social Links Center of Excellence Column, we’re looking at intelligence cycles in OSINT. The communication of ideas is a crucial topic for many agencies, and a lack of understanding regarding the organization's needs can spell disaster for investigations. To help with this problem,...

Top 10 OSINT Tools, Products, Solutions, and Software for 2023

In many ways, the first half of 2023 was dominated by hopes and fears revolving around artificial intelligence. Experts were giving their opinions on how the future might look. However, looking at the present, reports show that cyberattacks have increased by 7% when compared to last year. With organizations facing...

Top 7 OSINT Methods to Transform Any Investigation

While OSINT work and open data research are often considered technical, they really don’t have to be. In this article, we wanted to take readers through our top pick of Social Links open-source intelligence methods that anyone can – and should – try to revolutionize investigation processes, delivering highly successful results...

Top 10 OSINT Tools, Products, Solutions and Software for 2022

When OSINT began life in the 1940s, the ‘open data’ under scrutiny was limited to media such as newspapers and radio broadcasts. But in the advent of the internet – and social media in particular – the sheer variety and volume of information pouring into the public domain has been staggering. Yet,...

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