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5 Must-See OSINT Webinars for 2024

You may not be able to master a discipline like OSINT overnight, but we want to give you the things you need to do this as quickly and effectively as possible. And one of the best things you can do is watch skilled investigators in action. So, we've curated our top five OSINT webinars, aiming to spark your inspiration and feed your appetite for know-how.

In these webinars, our analysts give expert strategies for an incredible range of approaches. These include: integrating AI and OSINT, solving organized crime cases, strengthening cybersecurity, tracing financial crime across blockchains, mapping a suspect's digital footprint through social media platforms and messengers, and so much more.

OSINT and AI: A New Dawn of Data Analysis

Machine learning is opening unprecedented opportunities in various spheres, which is emphatically true when it comes to automating the intelligence cycle. In fact, the speed boost that can be injected into investigations is so dramatic that, by 2025, over 100M US users are expected to be applying them in their workflows.

In this webinar, Social Links experts showcase some essential uses of AI in OSINT that can supercharge investigative work. Learn how, by tapping into advanced scripts, facial recognition, and sentiment analysis, you can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to process data and free up headspace for the decision-making that drives a case forward. 

OSINT for LEA & National Security: Countering Organized Crime

While movies often sensationalize organized crime, the reality is more nuanced and sobering, as criminality is becoming increasingly common and developing ever more forms. With 83% of the global population living in high-crime conditions, investigators must leverage all available tools to prevent harm.

Join the Social Links team as they conduct authentic investigations into organized crime using SL Professional. Gain valuable tips on how to scale inquiries and discover the remarkable array of transforms that can be used to great effect when simple investigations evolve into challenging and complex cases.

OSINT and Next-Level Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has never been more necessary. IBM’s 2023 cybersecurity report revealed that the average data breach costs organizations $4.45M. And with the rise of the Internet of Things, breach risks are higher than ever. In such a climate, security analysts have their work cut out, keeping company IT infrastructures and customer data safe.

In this webinar, we delve into some top techniques for bolstering cybersecurity, demonstrating how OSINT can extend beyond investigative work to preventative threat intelligence. From preemptive security measures to breach identification, our analysts share some pertinent tips and scenarios illustrating the many ways OSINT can help your organization stay secure.

Leveraging OSINT to Fight Financial Crime

Global surveys have revealed that over half of all organizations fall victim to financial fraud—a level that’s the highest it’s been for 20 years. As a company expands and its financial toolkit becomes more complex and diverse, the work of identifying and preventing fraud becomes increasingly challenging.

This webinar examines several ways open data can be harnessed to flag financial misconduct. From crypto tracking across multiple wallets and blockchains to deanonymizing clandestine transfers, the techniques we discuss are relevant to a wide range of fraud cases. 

Elevating OSINT with Social Media and Messengers

The number of people on social media is colossal. There are currently 4.95B users spanning social networks—a figure expected to grow in the coming years. For the law enforcement investigator, this represents an invaluable resource that can be utilized to solve various cases.

With special guest threat intelligence specialist Gary Ruddell, we demonstrate some tried-and-true methods for deriving actionable insights from social media data. Working with both social networks and messenger platforms, we show how to elaborate a truly detailed and revealing picture of suspects and their associates.

We continually aim to offer accessible yet valuable insights into the latest OSINT developments. If you're eager to explore the practical applications of open-source intelligence and elevate your investigative skills, contact us by hitting the button below. We'll arrange a personalized demo at your convenience, and discuss any OSINT-related questions you may have.
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