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Top 5 Social Links OSINT Webinars of 2022

Looking back over 2022, we realised we’ve put on a great variety of webinars addressing many aspects of OSINT. The goal of these sessions has always been to bring as much practical value as we can to investigations and other analysis work, to show how our tools can be...

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Social Links to Give a Presentation at CEPOL Darknet Analysis Course

We’re happy to announce our participation in the upcoming CEPOL training program Understanding the Darknet: The Basics of Encryption in the Context of Counter Terrorism to be held in Riga, Latvia, from November 21-25. About the EventCEPOL is a European Union agency, which provides dedicated training for law enforcement...

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[Webinar]Take Investigations to the Next Level with OSINT

OSINT is fast becoming a fundamental aspect of modern investigative work. Digital forensics, footprinting, and reconnaissance are now central to most criminal cases, where open data is often crucial for verifying information, collecting evidence, and finding new leads. However, such demanding work calls for effective tools and techniques. Join us...

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Social Links and TechBiz Joint Webinar for the Latin American Region

Great news for all our Portuguese-speaking friends! Tomorrow, October 27, we’re teaming up with our Latin American partners, TechBiz to deliver an entire webinar in Portuguese. The event is called 'Harnessing OSINT for Due Diligence and Fraud Prevention,’ and will kick off at 2 pm Brasilia Standard Time. Together,...

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Harnessing OSINT To Expose Illegal Trade On The Dark Web

While not illegal in itself, the Dark Web has gained notoriety as a hotbed for illicit trade. The assumed anonymity the domain provides its users has attracted criminal actors who believe they have a cloaked platform where contraband of all kinds can be traded with impunity. However, OSINT tools are...

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OSINT: A Game-Changer for Private Investigators

Private investigators have demanding work. From a single workstation, they need to accomplish tasks that once required an entire department. Join us on Friday, October 21 at 2 p.m. UTC for the webinar OSINT: A GAME-CHANGER FOR PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS, and learn how SL Professional can transform the workflow of...

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