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Free Webinar: Discover Stealer Logs and Meet Our New Darknet Data Provider

Big news! Social Links has partnered with a leading provider of breached identity data, Constella Intelligence.

To mark the start of this exciting partnership, we—the two companies—are getting together for the co-hosted webinar: Stealer Logs for Investigations: A New Era in OSINT. Join us on April 4, at 4pm UTC, to learn how stealer logs and data leaks can be used to enrich Clearnet investigations and make breakthroughs in cases where traditional methods fail.  

In its 2023 report, IBM found that the average cost of a data breach had reached an all-time high of $4.45M—a 15% increase from 2020. Backed up by other studies, credential theft is now the biggest headache for cybersecurity teams. But, significant though these issues are, they are among the many concerns that can be combated through the remarkable power of infostealers.

[Webinar] Stealer Logs for Investigations: A New Era in OSINT 

For the first time ever, we’ve organized a webinar exploring the investigation space where the world of OSINT meets the infostealer sphere. Discover new techniques to transform your investigation strategies, broaden your search horizons, and enrich your working data—all by harnessing crucial information from the Dark Web. 

What You Will Explore

  • How can browser history and device-stored passwords be extracted using an email?
  • How can a phone number be linked to an email, name, and physical address?
  • How can the owner of a cryptocurrency wallet be deanonymized?
  • How can data from infected devices be applied, as illustrated through case studies?
Please note that due to the sensitive contents of the webinar, we need everyone to use a business email when registering for the webinar, otherwise, your registration will be declined.
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