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[Free Webinar] Investigating Drug Trafficking with OSINT

Join us on June 27, at 1pm CET, for the webinar Investigating Drug Trafficking with OSINT. In this webinar, we’ll be discussing the optimum intelligence toolkit and the most effective approaches, techniques, and resources for getting to the bottom of a range of cases relating to the illicit drug trade.

Through practical, first-hand demonstrations, attendees will learn how to keep track of online drug markets, identify related actors, utilize the Dark Web as a data source, and map out trafficking networks. The event will also include a broader discussion of challenges facing law enforcement today in the fight against drug dealing.


  • Ivan Kravtsov, Senior OSINT Analyst at Social Links
  • Georgy Sharonov, SL Crimewall Product Manager



  • Typical challenges encountered in drug trafficking investigations.
  • A look at how OSINT can boost investigations related to the illicit drug trade.

Essential Technologies and Approaches

  • Recommended tools, techniques, sources, and search methods.
  • Ways to formalize and automate effective case approaches.

OSINT Use Cases: Deanonymizing the Illegal Drug Trade

  • Finding and monitoring illegal drug markets online.
  • Identifying associated actors and linking them to social media profiles on the Surface Web.
  • Leveraging the Dark Web as a source for data enrichment to discover new leads and elevate cases.
  • Mapping out trafficking networks.

Q&A Session

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