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OSINT Infographics: Investigation Approaches for Law Enforcement

We know there’s a load of ways to develop every case and that it’s not always easy to choose the most effective one. So we’ve put together a handy little work companion—an easy-reference, one-page guide to help you progress all kinds of cases. The infographic covers four spheres of investigation, each broken down into forms of investigation and a valuable approach for each case. 

What’s Inside

OSINT infographics for law enforcement agencies

Packed with information, our one-pager will give you a variety of methods and ideas for investigating four significant spheres of crime, including:

  • Cybercrime. Including: cyber attacks, impersonation campaigns, ransomware dissemination, anonymous cyberbullying, and online fraud.
  • Illegal Trade. Including: money-laundering-as-a-service, intermediary financial sock puppets, P2P crypto trading platforms, dummy beneficiaries, and crypto mixing.
  • Terrorism and Radicalism. Including: astroturfing, civil unrest propagation, fake news dissemination, hate speech, and radicalist platforms and methods on the Dark Web.
  • Physical Crime. Overcome common challenges including: scarce digital footprints, a lack of forensic data, vague network structures, and more.

On top of this, we set out a recommended step-by-step procedure for advancing cases in each of these spheres. This gives users a clear idea of what methods they should use at certain junctures, alongside the results they may produce, and how these can develop the case effectively, opening up new options for progress. 

As with all our published materials, this one-pager is totally free, so grab your copy now!

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