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OSINT in Sexual Abuse Investigations: From Data to Justice

The Internet has revolutionized accessibility in many ways, ranging from shopping and education to banking and more. Yet, this digital realm has also given birth to secondary online personas, where individuals can transform into entirely different characters. While many people harness these digital identities for creation and connection with others,...

Center of Excellence Column: The Role of the Center of Excellence

In our newest weekly article segment, fully prepared by the Social Links Center of Excellence, we explore our experts' roles in various fields, from investigations to technical training. So, as an introduction, we’re focusing on what the team does and what their plans are for the future. Let’...

OSINT Landscape 2023 by Social Links

Decisions, decisions. The global OSINT market is growing at an extraordinary pace, with new technologies continually emerging and ever more products appearing. While this is good news for the industry, it can make choosing the best-suited solution a real challenge. So, we’ve created a super-accessible guide to help everyone...

The OSINT Article Treasury: Top Reads from Q3

Routine is a needed component of progressive work, but sometimes it prevents great discoveries. Hence, fresh ideas are a must-have to think outside the box and find new ways of meeting challenges (especially unexpected ones). And we brought you some. In this update, we compiled our top OSINT articles with...

OSINT Tips: 5 Ways to Deanonymize Users on Telegram

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and many digital platforms, efficient investigative methods have become more crucial than ever. Within this dynamic landscape, Telegram emerges as a vital source of information due to its status as a privacy-focused messaging app with strong encryption. The platform attracts a diverse...

A Real OSINT Case: Uncovering a Hacker Group

OSINT investigations are like intricate puzzles that require meticulous research, often leading to a maze of different paths. While discussing the theory is helpful, the real treasure lies in experiencing an actual investigation unfold. That's why, at Social Links, we create case studies. These help experts learn from...

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