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Top 10 Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Tools, Products, Solutions, and Software for 2024

Intelligence work is a multifaceted thing. To anyone acquainted with the field, this will be obvious from the many -INT terms that seek to categorize the various sides of the discipline. And this article is all about one of these in particular—HUMINT (Human Intelligence)—and the tools out there best suited to enhance this area of intelligence work.


First things first, let’s clarify what we’re talking about. Human intelligence, or HUMINT, broadly concerns intelligence gathering from human sources by human agents. So, any data that comes from interviews, interrogations, conversations, eavesdropping, informants, and so on all fall under the category of human intelligence. It’s essentially the familiar activities portrayed in police dramas and espionage tales—the ‘old school’ of detective work. 

The HUMINT discipline includes overt information gathering (the open activities of intelligence operatives and law enforcement, such as questioning, observation, discussions, etc.); clandestine activity (secretive intelligence gathering, mainly via informants);  interrogation (the methodical questioning of relevant individuals); and sourcing (the recruitment and use of proxies, assets, and informants to gather intelligence).

Subdisciplines of human intelligence(HUMINT)

HUMINT Challenges

Conducting quality HUMINT is a complex business that throws several obstacles to successful inquiries. These include:

  • Language barriers
  • Data corroboration (cross-validation)
  • Vetting operatives, informants, and other source handlers
  • Carrying out constant exposure monitoring (exposure risk mitigation)
  • Implementing appropriate counterintelligence measures
  • Making sense of large volumes of collected data 
  • Accurate, logical, and clear data management
  • Multiple source integration
  • Adoption of new technologies (technical barriers)
  • Detecting and filtering our disinformation

Solutions: Employing Intelligence Tools

Human intelligence is usually considered distinct from more technology-driven forms of data gathering such as OSINT, SIGINT, IMINT, etc. But, in fact, HUMINT professionals can benefit hugely by employing advanced digital technologies in their work—the right platform can optimize workflows, mitigate operational threats, reduce routine tasks, and streamline the whole process of data management, fusion, and analysis. 

Human intelligence is often crucial in providing information that can't be gained in any other way. However, to get the most out of the data gathered, enhancement through digital means is absolutely indispensable. While intelligence tools are not necessarily designed specifically for HUMINT purposes, such solutions are still profoundly relevant because HUMINT is still an integral aspect of the intelligence cycle.

Digital platforms allow a range of processes that can elevate human intelligence work in many ways, leading to more effective results. These include:  

  • Cross-source validation of gathered data 
  • Using sock puppet accounts for virtual communication
  • Automated, ML-powered translation of text, audio, and video
  • ML-powered text summarization
  • Integration of multiple forms of intelligence (IMINT, GEOINT, SIGINT, etc.) within a single case 
  • Identity verification through digital footprinting 
  • Real-time information exchange between team members
  • Using data from the Deep and Dark Web as a supplementary source for intelligence enrichment
Many HUMINT challenges have a digital solution

Top HUMINT Tools, 2024

So, without further ado, let’s look at our pick of the best solutions on the market today that can help you streamline and elevate human intelligence processes:

SL Crimewall

A full-cycle OSINT investigation platform that simplifies the entire intelligence cycle, from data extraction across 500+ open sources, through visualization and processing, to the final report. The cleanly designed interface is accessible to users of all levels, while the functionality packs a serious punch, giving users a huge suite of next-generation extraction and analysis tools. In terms of both functionality and operability, SL Crimewall shines.

Product Features

  • [Soon] Collaborative Mode. A project board feature where members of the team can instantly share and analyze evidence, develop hypotheses, and narrow in on details.
  • Comprehensive Data Extraction. Access to more than 1700 search methods spanning 500 open sources, including all major social media platforms, messengers, and the Dark Web.
  • Data Visualization Options. These include Graph View for carrying out link analysis, Map View for finding geographical patterns, and Table View for organizing case content in a logical, accessible way.
  • ML-Driven Models. Generative AI and NLP models allow users to process huge quantities of data in highly controlled ways quickly. This massively reduces workloads and moves cases forward much faster.
  • Monitoring. An automated surveillance feature that tracks the ongoing activities of a company or individual and sends the user notifications when there are changes.
  • Reports. Versatile options for summarizing a case's findings, from quick exports with a couple of clicks to custom-made layouts.

Palantir Gotham

This is a military-grade solution for operational planning and intelligence analysis. The advanced system allows users to manage their intelligence-gathering processes and target identification centrally. The solution offers a common intelligence platform with access control to establish an accurate battle picture and inform operations.

Product Features

  • Data-Centric Operability. The system can integrate huge volumes of disparate data in various formats to deliver actionable visualization and effective data models.
  • Sensor Tasking. Gotham leverages AI algorithms and manual inputs to task sensors of edge devices such as satellites and drones.
  • Robust Security. Thorough-going airtight security features ensure the work and data remain protected across the entire platform.
  • Mixed Reality. A feature allowing operators and commanders to interact and collaborate in virtual centers and scenarios. 


Leaning heavily on machine learning, Babel Street offers vast possibilities for multilingual data analysis. The solution's ‘plug-and-play’ operability makes it accessible to users of various levels and is used by law enforcement, government agencies, and businesses to gain quick insights from data.

Product Features

  • Multi-Language Smart Search. AI-driven search features delivering powerful cross-language data analysis and breaking down language barriers.
  • Analysis-Ready Data. Babel Street provides access to large quantities of enriches and structured open data.
  • End-to-End Management. The system offers a clear process for extracting and reviewing data and reporting findings.
  • Accessible Operability. Standardized, preprocessed data sets and easy integration with third-party apps and APIs offer user-friendly and versatile interoperability.

Recorded Future

Operating for over a decade, this powerful OSINT solution collects, structures, and analyzes threat data from all over the Internet, converting vast nebulous information into actionable insights. Extracting data from text, imagery, and technical sources, the Intelligence Graph uses machine learning to process and map links across billions of entities in real time, helping analysts achieve their OSINT aims.

Product Features

  • Wide Data Extraction. Tracking and monitoring for billions of domains, 275 million IPs, 300,000 organizations, 200,000 vulnerabilities, and 3.6 billion leaked credentials.
  • AI-Driven Data Organization. Natural language processing is used to classify billions of entities in 13 languages, enabling automatic entity associations.
  • Pre-Designed Modules. Built-in intelligence modules designed to maximize efficiency across workflows, teams, processes, and extant security systems; 
  • Use Cases. Focused module use cases provide access to relevant, up-to-date intelligence to mitigate the organization’s vulnerabilities.


A digital intelligence platform geared towards streamlining investigative processes across the entire intelligence cycle to bring a structured, actionable form to disparate data. Cellebrite allows users to combine technical intelligence (digital forensics), OSINT, and proprietary data in a single system.

Product Features

  • Multi-Device Support. The platform is operable for a wide range of end-user situations, including mobile devices, desktop computers, and the cloud, giving huge flexibility and support for work in both the lab and the field.
  • Analyst’s Toolbox. The system provides a rich suite of analytical tools, including data fusion and enrichment features, AI integration, media/text/location analyzers, and a collaboration mode.
  • Data Protection and Management. The solution offers cloud scalability, access control, data sharing, and robust storage to ensure all data can be effectively managed and kept secure.
  • Findings and Reports. Options for generating customizable reports based on tracked data handling and flexible visualization to ensure the intelligence is actionable.


A Java application that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux, Maltego is among the most popular graphical link analysis tools on the market. With its array of plug-ins, this OSINT visualization software helps businesses, LEAs, and governmental bodies worldwide achieve their investigation goals.

Product Features

  • The Maltego Transform Hub. An extensive library of data provider plugins gives users access to an immense amount and variety of data.  
  • Visualization Options. The interface supports graph structures of up to 1 million entities and has a range of layouts, including block, hierarchical, circular, and organic. 
  • Usability. The ability to quickly combine disparate data sources using point-and-click logic​ and regex algorithms that auto-detect entity types.
  • Collaboration Options. Multiple analysts can work on a common project simultaneously and annotate steps.


One of the longest-standing intelligence solutions on the market, i2 consists of an advanced data visualization portfolio allowing users to manipulate volumes of data into actionable intelligence. The tool empowers users to identify, predict, and mitigate various criminal activities.

Product Features

  • Modeling and Visualization. Depending on your analytical needs, data can be organized in various ways, including graphs, geolocational views, and timelines.
  • Parallel Search. The functionality allows users to search multiple sources from any number at once. 
  • Connectivity. i2’s integrative functionality supports connectivity to a wide range of data sources and imports them into the projects for conducting comprehensive analysis.
  • Collaboration. Graphs can be shared via a single source, enabling multiple users to simultaneously work on a single project.
  • Easy Operability. With its drag-and-drop interface functionality, data can be easily and intuitively imported and manipulated.
  • Customizability. The interface provides flexibility, allowing users to arrange their workstation however suits them best.


A multi-purpose intelligence platform for fusing different types of information from many sources and integrating them with in-house data. Siren deploys its internally developed search tech for an advanced data extraction experience, allowing various users to generate quality intelligence.

Product Features

  • Integration. In-built dashboards and filters allow users to extract and fuse the required data with internal information.
  • Visualization. Options to define suspicious patterns, group graphs, and display relevant metrics. The system supports link, geo, and temporal analysis.
  • Access Control and Security. Access perimeters can be set at the index, record, or field level. User auditing and encryption keep data secure.
  • Content Clustering. Topic clustering for live data streaming and case-specific content subsets.


An AI-powered, web-based, open-source intelligence tool for reverse image searching and facial recognition. It’s essentially a search engine—the user uploads a photo, and PimEyes will show you where it’s been published online. This can be an essential tool for putting a name to a face, but it has other great uses, such as privacy protection and copyright infringement auditing.

Product Features

  • Ease of Use. The engine’s simple upload-and-search functionality makes it a tool accessible to almost any user.
  • Monitoring. PimEyes has an extremely handy monitoring feature. Users set an alert and then receive notifications whenever their selected images appear anywhere online.
  • Source Location. The engine can provide details about where an image appears online, allowing users to pinpoint the source and enable further action.
  • Batch Image Processing. This feature allows users to upload multiple images simultaneously for both search and monitoring.


Spokeo is a simple OSINT tool for helping people research people. It’s intended for individual users and not a consumer reporting agency, as it may be used for employee or tenant screening. Drawing from 12B records across thousands of sources, Spokeo empowers everyday people to better understand the individuals they’re interacting with.

Product Features

  • Ease of Use. Its straightforward search engine functionality is accessible to anyone regardless of their skills and experience.
  • Personal Info. Get a subject’s name, number, social media accounts, email, location history, residential address, employment history, and income.
  • Public Records. Search through public databases for relevant information spanning someone’s court appearances, date of birth, date of death, driving license, and criminal records.
  • Updated Reports. Reports on a subject are not static but updated as and when new data appears online.

And that concludes our round-up of the top 10 HUMINT tools for 2024. We hope that our shortlist can steer you in the right direction and help you choose the solution that best suits your needs—or at least give you some food for thought!

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