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Top 10 OSINT Tools, Products, Solutions, and Software for 2024

The open-source intelligence industry boom has naturally led to a confusing flood of solutions on the market. But choice can be a double-edged sword—while more options mean you have a better chance of finding the OSINT tools that best suit your needs, it also makes the actual process of finding something far more complicated.

But fret not! In this article, we’ve thought long and hard to give you our curated shortlist of the OSINT tools you really need to be aware of. Laying out the distinctive and beneficial features of each, our top 10 OSINT tools for 2024 are a must-read that’ll help you understand what’s out there and make the right choice.

  1. SL Crimewall
  2. i2
  3. Sayari
  4. Logically
  5. Spokeo
  6. Pipl
  7. Nmap
  8. Pimeyes
  9. ReliaQuest
  10. Elliptic

Background to the OSINT in 2024

There’s no doubt the open-source intelligence sphere is exploding. With a CAGR of 20.65% and a value of $8B in 2023, the OSINT market is expected to hit an astronomical $43.7B by 2032. And the reason for this is no mystery—the discipline is simply garnering an ever greater utility and demand worldwide.

In their 2023 report, IBM put the average global cost of a data breach at $4.45M and found that 51% of organizations plan to increase security spending in response to experiencing a breach. Meanwhile, statistics show that cybercrime is rising exponentially and is expected to cost the world $23.8T by 2027.

With OSINT proving itself to be a formidable weapon in countering all manner of crime and cyber threats, these sobering figures reflect the rising necessity for—and popularity of—open-source intelligence approaches. So if you’re in data forensics or cybersecurity, the question isn’t ‘Do I need an OSINT solution?’ but ‘Which OSINT solution should I go for?’. 

Let us help with our guide to the best OSINT tools in 2024.

Top OSINT Tools for 2024

SL Crimewall

This is a full-cycle OSINT investigation platform that simplifies the entire intelligence cycle, from data extraction across 500+ open sources, through visualization and processing, to the final report. The cleanly designed interface is accessible to users of all levels, while the functionality packs a serious punch, giving users a huge suite of next-generation extraction and analysis tools. In terms of both functionality and operability, SL Crimewall shines. 

SL Crimewall is a full-cycle OSINT investigation platform

Product Features

  • [Soon] Collaborative Mode. A project board feature where team members can instantly share and analyze evidence, develop hypotheses, and narrow in on details. 
  • Comprehensive Data Extraction. Access to more than 1700 search methods spanning 500 open sources, including all major social media platforms, messengers, and the Dark Web.
  • Data Visualization Options. These include Graph View for carrying out link analysis, Map View for finding geographical patterns, and Table View for organizing case content in a logical, accessible way.
  • ML-Driven Models. Generative AI and NLP models allow users to process huge quantities of data quickly in highly controlled ways. This massively reduces workloads and moves cases forward much faster.
  • Script Builder. An internal tool enabling experienced users to construct custom scripts for processing and analyzing data. In turn, less experienced colleagues can use these scripts as presets, allowing them to work with data much more efficiently.
  • Monitoring. An automated surveillance feature that tracks the ongoing activities of a company or individual and sends the user notifications when there are changes.
  • Reports. Versatile options for summarizing all the findings of a case, from quick exports with a couple of clicks to custom-made layouts.


One of the longest-standing intelligence solutions on the market, i2 is definitely worthy of a place on our list of top OSINT tools in 2024. The software consists of an advanced data visualization portfolio allowing users to manipulate volumes of data into actionable intelligence. The tool empowers users to identify, predict, and mitigate various criminal activities.

i2 is a handy OSINT solution for different kinds of investigations

Product Features

  • Modeling and Visualization. Data can be organized in various ways depending on your analytical needs, including graphs, geolocational views, and timelines.
  • Parallel Search. The functionality allows users to search multiple sources from any number at once. 
  • Connectivity. i2’s integrative functionality supports connectivity to a wide range of data sources and imports them into the projects for conducting comprehensive analysis.
  • Collaboration. Graphs can be shared via a single source, enabling multiple users to work on a single project simultaneously.
  • Easy Operability. With its drag-and-drop interface functionality, data can be easily and intuitively imported and manipulated.
  • Customizability. The interface provides flexibility, allowing users to arrange their workstation however suits them best.


Specializing in combining full visibility around counterparties and supply chains, Sayari is the king of due diligence-centered OSINT tools. The company’s analysis solution, Sayari Graph, is an intelligence platform for determining commercial risk, bringing together supply chain and corporate data, entity graphing, and intuitive risk identification functions to streamline investigations and due diligence processes.

Sayari is an essential open-source intelligence tool for identifying commercial risks

Product Features

  • Data Provision. Sayari gathers immense corporate data, providing users with billions of documents spanning thousands of databases.
  • Data Structuring. The tool allows users to extract and connect millions of entities to construct serviceable intelligence from unstructured data.
  • Link Analysis. Billions of interconnections between entities can be mapped and analyzed through graph visualization. 
  • Risk Identification. Sayari is designed to facilitate the identification of negative exposures and corporate risks.
  • Ontologies. Carefully thought-out ontologies bring usability and order to the multitude of objects in the Sayari database.


This is a tech company with a focus on the application of AI and intelligence methods to tackle the issue of data reliability in the online space. On top of intelligence services, the company offers the sleekly designed OSINT solution, Logically Intelligence. The tool’s data remit is growing daily and covers a large number of sources, both public and closed, allowing users to map data and conduct cross-platform analysis.

Logically OSINT methods help detect online threats promptly

Product Features

  • Wide Data Range. Millions of new data points are added every day to the data repertoire. These cover a vast range of sources and include both public and closed channels, allowing users to analyze cross-platform data. 
  • AI Integration. Logically works AI into their intelligence tools and methods, allowing for smarter, faster extraction and analysis.
  • Scalability. Built on an extremely secure cloud infrastructure, Logically Intelligence is easily scalable, providing the convenience of being accessed from multiple systems.
  • Countermeasure Deployment. The solution is designed to help users not only identify harmful content but also implement effective responses such as counter-narrative strategies and policy formulation.


A simple OSINT tool for helping people research people. It’s a tool intended for individual users and not a consumer reporting agency, as it may be used for employee or tenant screening. Drawing from 12B records across thousands of sources, Spokeo empowers everyday people to have a better understanding of the individuals they’re interfacing with.

Spokeo is an easy-to-use open-source intelligence solution

Product Features

  • Ease of Use. With its straightforward search engine functionality, the functionality is accessible to anyone regardless of their skills and experience.
  • Personal Info. Get a subject’s name, number, social media accounts, email, location history, residential address, employment history, and income.
  • Public Records. Search through public databases for relevant information spanning someone’s court appearances, date of birth, date of death, driving license, and criminal records.
  • Updated Reports. Reports on a subject do not remain static but get updated as and when new data appears in the online space. 


Developers of robust identity management software, Pipl is a company preferred by investigators and fraud analysts alike. This OSINT solution provides access to a plethora of information on individuals, including email addresses, platform usernames, social media handles, phone numbers, and more.

Pipl's OSINT techniques are in demand among investigators and fraud analysts

Product Features

  • Wide Search Remit. Pipl’s informational reach is huge, covering the Clearnet, the Deep Web, public records, and proprietary databases.
  • Global Index. The solution’s international data pooling allows investigators to collect data on individuals from a range of countries and regions. 
  • Automation. The proprietary algorithm and recursive search functionality allow users to corroborate and validate information easily by cross-checking data between sources.
  • Scalability. Fast-track options for user registration, content retrieval, and purchase approval make the solution easy to scale to your requirements.


Standing for ‘Network Mapper’, Nmap is a network scanner, used to find hosts and services on a computer network by sending units of data (packets) into the network and analyzing the results. It has a number of valuable uses including device security auditing, network maintenance, asset management, network vulnerability exploitation, and more.

Nmap can be a great addition to current OSINT methods to gain non-obvious insights

Product Features

  • Fast Scan. This allows users to run a basic port scan and get a result quickly.
  • Host Discovery. A feature for identifying the hosts on a given network. For example, it can list the hosts that respond to particular protocol requests or have a certain open port.
  • Port Scanning. A function for listing all the open ports on a given target host.
  • TCP/IP Stack Fingerprinting. This feature lets users analyze the network activities of a given device and thereby determine its operating system and network characteristics. 


An AI-powered, web-based open-source intelligence tool for reverse image searching and facial recognition. It’s essentially a search engine—the user uploads a photo, and PimEyes will show you where it’s been published online. This can be an essential tool for putting a name to a face, but it has other great uses, such as privacy protection and copyright infringement auditing. 

PimEye is an OSINT solution for facial recognition and reverse image search

Product Features

  • Ease of Use. The engine’s simple upload-and-search functionality makes it a tool accessible to almost any user.
  • Monitoring. PimEyes has an extremely handy monitoring feature whereby users set an alert and then receive notifications whenever their selected images appear anywhere in the online space.
  • Source Location. The engine can give details as to where specifically an image appears online, allowing users to pinpoint the source and enable further action.
  • Batch Image Processing. This feature allows users to upload multiple images simultaneously for both search and monitoring.


GreyMatter, ReliaQuest’s cybersecurity powerhouse, provides analysts with visibility spanning the entire attack surface. This OSINT tool allows organizations to greatly simplify their security operations, but also to manage and mitigate risk for all aspects of the business.

Reliaquest's open-source intelligence methods significantly simplify businesses' security operations

Product Features

  • Comprehensive Coverage. Allowing users to manage and tune their detections centrally, GreyMatter provides visibility for the entire security environment. 
  • Compatibility. Offering bi-directional API integrations with 80+ solutions, the platform can work with several tools, including SIEM, EDR, and cloud environments.
  • Automation. GreyMatter boasts a number of great automation features, including the ability to automatically enrich investigations with intelligence from multiple sources, and pre-built Response Playbooks that can be run throughout the entire infrastructure.
  • MITRE ATT&CK. This feature is a type of framework enabling users to map and track response time and investigation duration.


Elliptic offers a range of solutions for blockchain analytics, allowing organizations to analyze risk and investigate crime. Their products offer possibilities for wallet screening, transaction monitoring, crypto investigation, as well as VASP and holistic screening.

Elliptic's OSINT solutions help analyze risks and investigate crimes across blockchains

Product Features

  • Elliptic Lens. This tool allows users to swiftly identify wallet owners, as well as fund sources, destinations, and activities—even when they move between block change or change assets.
  • Elliptic Navigator. A solution offering automated monitoring to expose links to money laundering, terrorist financing, and sanctioned entities, as well as potential red flags that could impact compliance.
  • Elliptic Investigator. In a single click, this enables users to visualize financial streams across wallets, entities, and transactions to gather evidence and close cases quickly.
  • Holistic Screening. A tool for mapping every transaction across an entire crypto ecosystem to derive a truly holistic picture of risk.

And that concludes our round-up of the top 10 OSINT tools for 2024. We hope that our shortlist can steer you in the right direction and help you choose the solution that best suits your needs—or at least give you some food for thought!

Want to learn more about how our OSINT solutions can help you streamline your workflows and achieve better results faster? Simply follow the link below to set up a meeting with one of our experts, during which we'll discuss your needs and cases and find the optimal solution.
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