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[Free Webinar] OSINT Explained: Getting Started with Data-Driven Investigations

This free event is co-hosted with our partner ITS Mexico and will take place November 22, at 10am CST. Please note that the webinar will be held entirely in Spanish.

As open data continues to proliferate, more and more organizations and individuals are coming to understand its immense value. What was once a niche intelligence discipline is now a vast industry spanning an ever-broadening range of spheres. And the good news is, with modern OSINT solutions, people can unlock the potential of this data without a technical background. 

Join us for the webinar, OSINT Explained: Getting Started with Data-Driven Investigations, and discover how OSINT can be applied across various spheres to conduct quality investigations and research. Through practical examples and authentic cases, we’ll demonstrate the latest tools and techniques for extracting and analyzing data to gain valuable insights into individuals and companies and their complex interconnections.


  • Stella Gonzalez, LatAm Channel Director, Social Links
  • Costanza Piras, OSINT Analyst, Social Links
  • Zuney Rojas, Regional Director, ITS Mexico


  • Introduction. An overview of open-source intelligence: what it is and how it’s used across a range of spheres.
  • OSINT Use Cases. Demonstrations of Social Links OSINT tools in the context of authentic cases, including: 
  • Background Checks. A look at basic cases of extracting data around individuals by applying link analysis to social media.
  • Social Listening. Examples of using OSINT to analyze public sentiment, investigate disinformation campaigns, and conduct effective crisis management.
  • Legal Entity Assessment. An overview of different cases and methods for maintaining financial security and conducting reliable due diligence.
  • Q&A. Your chance to ask the speakers any questions you may have.
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