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[Free Webinar] OSINT Tools for Advanced Investigations: SL Professional for i2

Note: This webinar will be held entirely in Portuguese and will be specifically useful for Brazilian customers. 

On November 8, at 10 am CST, we’re teaming up with our partner Aimart for the webinar: OSINT Tools for Advanced Investigations: SL Professional for i2.

Join us for this free event, where we’ll give an overview of how OSINT can enhance research workflows and results across various spheres. Using authentic cases, we’ll show how modern OSINT tools can provide deep insights into individuals, companies and their complex interconnections.


  • Stella Gonzalez, LatAm Channel Director, Social Links
  • Bruno Alonso, OSINT Analyst, Social Links
  • Valdir Jacintho, Cognitive Solutions Unit Manager, Aimart


  • Background Checks. How to extract data around a given subject through applying link analysis to social media information.
  • Social Listening. How to aggregate public opinion and analyze disinformation to inform informational security measures and crisis management.
  • Legal Entity Assessment. How to maintain financial security and conduct reliable due diligence.
  • Q&A. Your chance to ask the speakers any questions you may have.
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