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[Free Webinar] Uncovering Financial Crime with OSINT

In an era of digital finance streams and cryptocurrencies, it can be hard to check the financial transparency of a company or individual. With business dealings putting vast sums of money and corporate reputations on the line, OSINT is becoming a go-to resource for due diligence teams who need to leave no stone unturned in protecting their company’s interests.

Join us on Monday, December 14, at 5pm UTC for the webinar Uncovering Financial Crime With OSINT. Through practical demonstrations and real-world examples, we’ll be showcasing essential tools and techniques for flagging up fraudulent activities, strengthening AML investigations and KYC, KYB, and KYE processes. 


Ivan Kravtsov, Senior OSINT analyst at Social Links


  • Introduction. An overview of the current landscape, highlighting key OSINT concepts for successfully investigating financial crime.
  • OSINT against Fraud. A closer look at why OSINT is increasingly relevant for fraud investigations, and the tools and techniques that have proved effective.
  • OSINT in AML and KYC. A demonstration of the OSINT methods central to conducting thorough due diligence, emphasizing AML work and KYC, KYB, and KYE processes.  
  • OSINT in Action: Case Studies. A walk-through of real-world fraud investigations, illustrating the practical applications of OSINT tools and techniques in reaching objectives.
  • Challenges and Solutions. A discussion of the various difficulties OSINT investigators can run into in cases of financial crime, and some practical strategies for overcoming them.
  • Q&A. Your chance to ask Ivan any questions you may have about investigating financial crime with OSINT or the discipline more generally.
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