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Harnessing OSINT To Expose Illegal Trade On The Dark Web

While not illegal in itself, the Dark Web has gained notoriety as a hotbed for illicit trade. The assumed anonymity the domain provides its users has attracted criminal actors who believe they have a cloaked platform where contraband of all kinds can be traded with impunity. However, OSINT tools are proving this to be a misconception.

Join us on Thursday, November 3 at 2 p.m. UTC for the webinar COUNTERING ILLEGAL TRADE ON DARKNET MARKETPLACES. In collaboration with darknet data providers DarkOwl, we’ll be outlining the black-market landscape of the Dark Web and showcasing a range of methods for fighting illicit trade.

Webinar Agenda

OSINT specialist Ivan Kravstov and DarkOwl CEO David Alley will co-host the webinar and approach the topic of darknet marketplaces from different angles including:

  • The nature of the Dark Web and how it is accessed by users
  • The functional make-up of darknet marketplaces
  • User deanonymization methods
  • Advanced darknet data extraction and analysis techniques

Attendees will learn how SL Professional can break through the perceived anonymity of the Dark Web and crypto transactions to identify criminal actors and track illicit activity.


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