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[Free Webinar] Essential OSINT Techniques for LEA Work

As more and more features of human activity get drawn into the online realm, law enforcement agencies are embracing open data analysis as an essential part of modern police work. And with so much data to work through and make sense of, OSINT tools are not just useful, they’re as crucial as the information itself.  

Join us on Thursday, February 22, 1pm UTC for the webinar Essential OSINT Techniques for LEA Work. We’ll be looking into some top tools and techniques for building effective digital footprints, mapping out the interconnections between criminal actors, and unravelling a range of cases—all supported with practical demonstrations and real-world examples.


Ivan Kravtsov, Senior OSINT analyst at Social Links



  • Key challenges and difficulties faced in law enforcement work today.
  • Social media and messengers as rich data sources for OSINT approaches.
  • The huge relevance of OSINT in looking into criminal organizations.

Investigating Organized Crime with SL Professional 

  • An overview of criminal organizations and their members.
  • Utilizing OSINT tools to find the profiles of criminal actors and their connections to illegal operations.
  • Using SL Crimewall's special features to identify connections between suspects.
  • The best methods and approaches for deanonymizing suspects.
  • Top strategies and methods for tackling data leak investigations.
  • Utilizing maps to establish geographical locations and patterns within a suspect’s digital footprint.

Q&A Session

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