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[Free Webinar] The Private Investigator’s OSINT Toolkit

OSINT is playing a major role in the democratization of data analysis. In a sphere formerly dominated by specialist departments, the user-friendly OSINT solutions of today are putting the power of open data at the fingertips of individual professionals, who can conduct a range of in-depth investigations, without the need for a unit of coworkers.

Join us on Wednesday, January 24, at 1pm UTC, for the webinar: The Private Investigator’s OSINT Toolkit. We’ll be taking a practical look at some essential techniques that every private investigator needs to know to maximize their resources and investigative scope.


  • Introduction. An overview of the game-changing impact of OSINT in private investigations, and how it can greatly enhance investigative efficiency.
  • Social Media Analysis. How to conduct effective SOCMINT investigations by harnessing data from social social media platforms in various ways. 
  • Digital Profiling. How to elaborate a detailed digital footprint around a given person of interest to assess their online behavior and the potential threats they pose. 
  • Link Analysis. How to apply advanced methods for tracing and establishing connections between individuals to provide vital investigative context.
  • Automating Processes. How to integrate automation tools to streamline OSINT processes, enabling scalable and efficient data gathering.

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