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Social Links at DIC: A Unique OSINT Workshop and Conference

Join Social Links at a unique combined event—the Digital Investigations Conference (DIC) plus Two-Day OSINT Training Program. Taking place in Zurich between February 26 and 29, the event is an immersive four-day OSINT experience that’ll blow your mind and revolutionize your investigations.    

Two-Day Pre-Conference OSINT Workshop

Day 1, Feb. 26. Maltego
A fascinating, practical tutorial for the popular data visualization Maltego, covering graphs, transforms, collection nodes, and more.

Day 2, Feb. 27. Social Links
A workshop with OSINT expert, Costanza Piras, where you’ll gain hands-on experience using Social Links solutions, learn the most effective OSINT techniques, and earn a personal certificate for completing the course. Here’s the agenda:

  • SL Professional Onboarding.
  • Product Updates. The latest Social Links product features.
  • Background Checks. Cybercrime and drug trafficking investigations.
  • Social Listening. Studying social media and identifying risks with AI.
  • The Dark Web. Using darknet sources for investigations.
  • Telegram Pack. Corporate sources and messengers.

Digital Investigations Conference, Feb. 28–29 

We’ll also be participating in the main conference itself, which will be packed with unique opportunities for anyone working in digital forensics and OSINT, including:

  • Networking with industry leaders.
  • Panel discussions with renowned specialists.
  • Product fair where visitors can speak directly to leading vendors and try out the latest solutions in person.

Join our talk “OSINT in Action: Combating Financial Fraud and Disinformation” on February 29 at 9:55 (location - Belvoir Saal)

Further Details

  • This is a paid event, costing 2150 CHF excl. VAT. Tickets include full admission for the conference itself, which would cost 430 CHF.
  • The event will be held at the Hotel Belvoir Rüschlikon, Zurich. For full details, follow the link below.  
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