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Social Links Case Study: Ensuring Safety at a Public Event

Learning a discipline such as OSINT is not always as straightforward as learning some techniques and discovering new tools. Understanding how and when these things should be employed in a given case is crucial. This is why we publish our use cases—they give the reader a real-world context for understanding the methods and solutions involved. 

Our Latest Case Study

While international events can benefit the host nation, they are also an immense responsibility and an arena over which all kinds of threats potentially loom. Recent history is awash with public events that have turned terrible, such as the Vancouver Stanley Cup riot in 2011. With hooliganism and extremism waiting in the wings, the pressure is on for security units to safeguard the people against the dangers of significant public events.

This case study follows the work of a national LEA’s analytical unit as they tackle the formidable challenge of ensuring public safety at a major sporting event. Find out how the team employed SL Professional to conduct threat mapping and sentiment analysis across various sources.

To conduct a detailed threat analysis, the team needed to delve into social media, messenger platforms, and the Dark Web, taking into account usage statistics of the demographic in question. At the same time, the oceans of data represented by these sources required intelligent tools to make the filtering task manageable. Discover how SL Professional helped the analytical team overcome these challenges!

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