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OSINT in Corporate Security: From the Digital to the Physical

When talking about corporate security, many might think only about the digital infrastructure of companies. However, this component—cybersecurity—is only one side of the coin. Beyond online threats, organizations must deal with substantial dangers in the real world. When the potential risks combine with a constantly shifting business environment,...

Center of Excellence Column: Boosting OSINT with NLP

This week, in our Center of Excellence Column, we’re diving into using NLP (Natural Language Processing) in OSINT investigations. To demonstrate the use in practice, we share a case study involving online extremist community research. So, let’s see the investigation! Disclaimer: We have changed all the names involved...

Center of Excellence Column: DNA Analysis in OSINT

This week in the Social Links Center of Excellence Column, we’re diving into using DNA as a resource for open-source intelligence. This time, we will share ways and techniques to use biological identifiers when revealing suspects and building a case. So, let’s move to the investigation! GEDmatch: A...

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