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STEAM: Counteract violent extremism with OSINT tools on gaming platforms

While authorities are generally wise to the ways in which social media can be leveraged by extremists, frauds, scammers, and other undesirables, gaming platforms have been comparatively underestimated. Yet gaming platforms can be channelled for negative purposes such as extremist recruitment and propaganda, financial scams, and can even be used to spend illegitimate assets.

We invite you to join a series of webinarsOSINT on gaming platforms”

Part #1:  Steam on May 20, 2022
Part #2:  Discord in July, 2022

In our upcoming webinar we’ll be exploring the uses of Steam as a resource for conducting investigations into different areas from extremism and terrorist funding to fraud and money laundering, among others.

The webinar is mainly geared towards the work of government intelligence agencies, LEAs, counter-terrorism organizations, cyber security professionals, and financial investigators.  

Please join us at 3 p.m. UTC on May 20 for the webinar: “Steam: Counteract violent extremism with OSINT tools on gaming platforms

Why It Is Important

Gaming platforms are among the largest entertainment industries on the planet, and like social networks, are also vast arenas for human interaction. Unlike social media, however, they are generally not subjected to the same levels of moderation. In fact, according to a late 2021 report by the Extremism and Gaming Research Network (EGRN), innovative measures to counteract violent extremism in gaming domains are almost non-existent.

The cooperative, stimulating nature of games offers more scope for fast relationship building which can be used to spread toxic ideologies and raise funds for harmful purposes. Like other social networks, gaming platforms can also be host to social engineering scams devised to defraud unsuspecting gamers in a variety of ways, while internal currencies can be used to spend illegitimate assets.

What We Will Be Discussing

Ivan Kravtsov, Social Links, OSINT specialist, will be demonstrating a range of methods incorporating Steam, through which investigators can identify threat actors, frauds, and extremists, as well as trace their activities and map out the broader structure of networks, including financial structures and internet presence on both the Dark and Surface Web. All cases will be conducted using our all-in-one solution SL Professional.

Intrigued? Register now and reserve your seat. We look forward to seeing you there!

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