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Free Webinar: Investigating Cryptocurrency Theft Through OSINT

In March last year, NFTs amounting to $1.4M were stolen from the largest NFT marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain application Arbitrum—the result of a cyberattack that tapped into a bug in the buy-Item function. But within hours of the heist, investigators had traced the hijacker to Binance addresses, leading to the return of many of the stolen assets.

This is a cautionary tale for both those who own crypto assets, and the crooks who seek to financially benefit through hacking. And what does it show? On the one hand that cryptocurrencies are vulnerable to attack across their whole ecosystem—on the other, how they are not totally anonymous and can be investigated to unmask thieves.

Join us on Tuesday, April 11, at 1pm UTC for the free webinar Investigating Cryptocurrency Theft Through OSINT. In this event, we’ll discuss cryptocurrency ecosystems and their many potential vulnerabilities, as well as the tools and techniques that can help analysts solve a wide range of theft cases.


This free event will be co-hosted by one of our most experienced OSINT specialists, Ivan Kravstov, and a special guest speaker, Artem Irgebaev. Artem is a leading expert in cryptocurrency investigations, with a certificate from Chainalysis, substantial experience, numerous conference contributions, and mentions in the media.

Cyberattacks and Cryptocurrency Theft. To start off, we will explore the main types of attacks directed towards blockchain smart contracts. We’ll explain each of these hacks with real-world examples.

Cryptocurrency Vulnerabilities. In this part, we will break down the various security gaps within the cryptocurrency ecosystem including the blockchains themselves, as well as their related platforms and protocols.

Case Studies. In the final section, we will look at some authentic cryptocurrency theft cases, and demonstrate some of the most effective OSINT tools and techniques that enable investigators to meet their objectives.

Note: the event is absolutely free. And whatsmore, we'll send you a recording soon after the webinar.

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