IBM i2’s First External OSINT Provider

In May this year, we launched a custom integration for our flagship product SL Pro with IBM’s industry-leading cybersecurity and data analytics solution: i2 Analyst’s Notebook. The integration has been developed in close coordination with IBM with a view to delivering an optimal UX to streamline a range of data gathering and analytical tasks across the OSINT application sphere including: criminal investigations, cybercrime and threat intelligence, financial fraud, incident response, corporate security, procurement, trust and safety, and compliance.

The Evolving Product

As with all of our OSINT solutions, we are constantly fine-tuning the existing functionality as well as adding entirely new features on a periodic basis, as the product evolves in response to client needs while benefiting from the manifold utilities of open-source data.  In fact, the product is developing at such a rate that we will be bringing in new features every fortnight, and want to mark these biweekly events with accompanying blog posts detailing the updates and how they can be applied.

What’s Done and What’s to Come

To date we have developed an expansive range of searches for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and VK. Additionally, we provide a more basic functionality for LinkedIn, Tiktok, OK, and Telegram, with new searches continually being added.

In the near future we are going to bring in some important updates including advanced searches for major social networks and a further expansion of our resource repertoire, branching into Snapchat, Foursquare, and Tinder.

In combination with the technological and informational scope that has grown throughout the product’s five-year evolution, we have also been elaborating and tweaking our methodologies to compliment the software so users get the very most out of the solution.

Stay Up-to-Date and on Top of the Game

Staying cognizant of these blog posts will have a number of benefits for SL Pro i2 customers. Not only will you be able to use the widest functionality of the product and stay at the forefront of the game, you will also be continually aware of the latest developments at Social Links and the OSINT industry at large.

Following the updates is very easy and unobtrusive: by subscribing to the hashtag you will receive our published update articles directly to your email which can be limited to just updates around the i2 integration or include all posts about Social Links and the wider OSINT sphere. Furthermore, it will give you the opportunity to let us know your go-to methods and most useful open data resources, features you find useful, and even others which you would like to see. We take our customer feedback very seriously and actively use it to inform the development of our products, so would be happy to hear from you. You can write directly to our product manager Sonya Oronova.  

Keep an eye out for further details coming soon!

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