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SL PRO for i2 Update #8

Welcome to the latest in our monthly installments of product updates to SL PRO for i2! February has been a highly productive month with us expanding the solution’s functionality in various ways from an innovative selection of queries for unpacking cryptocurrencies to increasing the scope and range of the Telegram functionality.

So let’s jump in and see what’s been added!


SL PRO for i2 now boasts a number of search methods for Bitquery – a service that allows users to track the flows of different cryptocurrencies. This is an entirely new feature which includes the ability to view wallet balances, track the largest flows of currency as well as the initial sources and final destinations of transactions. In due course we’ll be adding further queries to give users a much better remit in conducting investigations with cryptocurrencies. Just bear in mind this service requires a separate Bitquery key.

How it works: For example, you have two subjects and you want to establish if there are financial connections between them. By running the search method [Bitquery] Get Top Senders from wallet address entities of the entities, you can check whether they are sponsored by the same person or organization. Conversely, by running [Bitquery] Get Top Receivers, you can establish if they have a payee in common.

Results from running the query [Bitquery] Get Balances


The Telegram functionality is an important part of SL PRO, and we’ve made a number of additions to it over the last month, mainly in connection with Telegram chats. For example, the search query [Telegram] Get Details will return a range of information on a chosen chat, such as its time of creation, banned accounts, etc.

How it works: These new queries connected to Telegram chats can provide crucial indicators in a variety of investigations. For instance, establishing that a collection of channels are administered by the same individual could suggest suspicious connections in fraud or corruption cases.

Results from the query [Telegram] Get Members

Additionally, we’ve added other queries to our powerful Telegram pack, expanding the versatility including new features released last month (see Update #7). For example, you can now search messages that contain a specific word or phrase or identify profiles that are connected to a specific geolocation, or extract all locations related to selected group members.

And that wraps up our latest development for our i2 plug-in, and we really hope these improved features will help you achieve your investigative goals!

If you have any other questions about our products, please fill out our simple contact form and we’ll get back to quickly to discuss how we can most effectively serve your OSINT needs.

Interested in Product Development? We constantly keep our ears open to all users of our products. We actively encourage and make use of all feedback so that we can continually improve the user experience. So, if there are any features that you would like to see more of, or less of, or completely new features that would be useful to you, please get in touch at

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