Welcome to our fourth biweekly update for SL PRO on IBM i2. Today’s article covers new queries for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. So, let’s jump right in.

[Facebook] Get Likers by Location

This focused query combines two search methods, allowing you to find everyone that a) liked a selected page, and b) has a specified location listed in their profile information. Keep in mind that this query is launched in two stages: first you select a Facebook page entity from the chart and run the method; you’ll then be prompted to enter the relevant location for the search to be completed.

Facebook queries added to the external searches tab

Four different Facebook queries are now available through the External Searches tab: Search Events, Search Groups, Search Pages, and Search Places. This time-saving feature means you can begin your search using the above queries without creating an entity on the chart first.

[Facebook] Get Events (upcoming)

Another search method added to the Facebook repertoire, this query will return all future events being hosted by the selected page.

[Instagram] Get Details (for Instagram Stories)

In addition to a query we added in our last update for finding Instagram user stories, [Instagram] Get Stories, you can now extract further information from the stories – such as mentioned users – by running the [Instagram] Get Details search method.

[Twitter] Search by Face and Alias

A search method that finds an individual from a profile alias and picture, this query, already available across many different social networks, is now also available in Twitter.

That’s all for the fourth installment of our IBM i2 updates, and we hope you find the new additions useful and apply them to good effect in your work. To keep your ear to the ground for all developments across the Social Links product line and news in the OSINT world at large, keep an eye on our blog.

If you don’t already have SL Pro for i2 and would like to find out more about the solution, don’t hesitate to contact us hello@sociallinks.io.

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