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[Free Webinar] OSINT & SOCMINT for Corporate Security and Brand Protection

Join us on May 28, at 1pm CET, for the free webinar OSINT & SOCMINT for Corporate Security and Brand Protection: A Winning Combo!  Explore tried-and-tested techniques to automate corporate investigations and enhance brand protection. Moreover, you'll see practical cases demonstrating how to preventively mitigate security threats, investigate...

What is OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) in 2024?

It’s a pillar of the modern intelligence cycle, taken very seriously by the national security departments of leading global powers, and is entering the mainstream in various ways. But what exactly is OSINT (open-source intelligence) in 2024? The truth is that open-source intelligence encompasses a lot, but don’t...

Social Links Product Updates Q1, 2024

It’s time for our quarterly OSINT product updates where we bring everyone up to speed on what we’ve added to our functionality over the last few months. And so far, the first quarter of 2024 has been hugely productive, seeing us introduce some major new features connected to...

[Free Webinar] Enhancing AML Investigations with OSINT

In the age of cryptocurrencies and digital finance streams, money laundering represents a continual global problem, with reliable transparency proving extremely difficult to attain. In such a climate, OSINT is coming to the fore as a go-to discipline for exposing laundering activities—and the actors behind them—that have slipped...

OSINT Workarounds to 5 Classic Investigation Roadblocks

While it’s hard to deny the utility of open data in investigative work, how to make the most of it is not so obvious. Investigators can’t become seasoned data analysts overnight, and the effort required to process information can even be counterproductive. The place where investigative work meets...

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